As a Molton Brown lover, this shampoo did not disappoint!

Such a wonderful scent that leaves my scalp and hair feeling clean. It has jasmine and honeysuckle scents so it smells great, but it also makes my hair feel great.

Enriched with Indian cress extract and amino acids, it removes build-up and cleanses hair thoroughly. Indian cress extract, a South American flower related to cress, works to promote new hair growth, help restore tired, dormant hair follicles, and dramatically improve shine and texture. The formula instantly locks in moisture with a unique combination of essential oils and amino acids for a healthy glow. Fragrant oils of jasmine, honeysuckle and sandalwood add a delightful scent to any shampooing experience.

This is a lovely shampoo that produces a lot of lather even without using too much.

love it! ! Always use this! Recommending it to anyone doesn’t change anything about this product!