This is one of my favorite MBs.

It smells divine and the lovely fragrance lingers in the back. Leaves skin designed to be clean and fresh, one bottle lasts. Love the look of the bottle in our bathroom too!

I love the orange and bergamot body wash and body wash, fresh, clean and soothing. My treat to myself.

It’s a lovely scent, the gel is rich and it creates a nice lather even with hard water here.

Bergamot orange is an aromatic citrus fruit about the size of an orange with a yellow and green color similar to a lime. It’s a mix of lemon and orange. Um. I said, this should be fun.

Extracts of bergamot are used to flavor foods, perfumes and cosmetics. Well you have it! I have used body wash and hand sanitizer many times and I am hooked. It was a sunny day and bliss in a bottle!

highly recommended.

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