I am here to share my thoughts on Molton Brown Delicious Rhubarb and Rose Bath and Shower Gel. The scent of this body wash is a feminine scent.

This is a sherbet pink body wash and the scent reminds me of delicious rose petals and buttery rhubarb pie.

The aroma is nostalgic, sweet, intense and fruity. The top note of rhubarb is bitter, as the spicy fruit has a citrus note that contrasts with the sweetness in the base note.

However, it is good to use a mild body lotion or body cream, especially in winter. The product lathers moderately, which is fine for me.

I don’t like products that lather too much. However, it contains sodium laureth sulfate. This gel can be used in the morning or evening for a refreshing aromatherapy shower. The fragrance lingers for a while.

As with all Molton brown products, the scent provided is amazing.