This is Molton Brown Daily Shampoo With Black Tea Extract!

Obviously it’s very pretty and classy, you really can’t fault them there! The bottle is a slender frosted plastic that shows through the formula’s muted shades of green and blue — all as tasteful as Farrow & Ball paint swatches.

There is purifying Indian cress, plumping Kumudu, ginger extract thickening, fennel extract anti-dandruff, black tea extract daily, cloudberry nourishing, papyrus repairing and plum kadu radiance.

You can choose to tackle one problem or mix them together as I did – opt for a gloss shampoo and a purifying conditioner.

For one thing, they smell expensive. It’s not the genetic fruit or perfume you’re used to — these smells are like a very subtle and delicate blend of aromatherapy ingredients.

Overall, these do perform very well. My hair feels really soft after using it and I do think it’s shinier. It also feels very light and airy, which is lovely-